Beautifully Simple School Improvement and Performance Management

Here’s what we do…..

First, we provide your staff with a revolutionary online tool so they can create their own iAbacus® Self-Evaluation and Improvement Plan. Don’t worry, it’s simple and empowering – and your staff will love it!

Next, we combine all the self-evaluations and action plans onto one central iAbacus® so your leaders can quickly gain a complete picture of performance with unique insights that go deeper than data and statistics.

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For Everyone

Whatever your role in school, iAbacus® helps you evaluate impact, analyse effectiveness and plan strategic actions to improve.

A Revolutionary Approach 

iAbacus® is unique. It’s interactive, engaging and a joy to use. People start using it immediately and instinctively.

Based on 40 Years Research

iAbacus® guides you through a proven evaluation and strategic planning process developed during 40 years of working in schools.

Collaboration Made Easy

iAbacus® provides leaders and line managers with valuable insights into effectiveness across groups of users.

Instant reports and plans

iAbacus® automatically creates self-evaluation reports and action plans which are clear, concise – and perfect for sharing with others.

Every framework. Every country.

iAbacus® comes pre-loaded with criteria from inspection frameworks and it can be easily customised to suit your school.

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Instant access to a FREE trial...

“The unique selling point about iAbacus is that staff use it!”

testimonial-thumb-beatrice2Alan Black
Beatrice Tate School

“The most straightforward tool I have come across in the last 10 years!”

Mike Serridge
Harrow Way School

“iAbacus seamlessly joins self-evaluation to improvement planning.”

Andy Finley
Deputy Headteacher
Park View School