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The quickest and simplest way to create your department evaluation and action plan 

Easily evaluate the effectiveness of your department.

Save time by following a simple, step-by step process.

Identify factors that are affecting performance.

Plan strategic actions to improve.

Update on progress with built in reporting tools.

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Simple Yet Powerful

iAbacus guides you through the entire evaluation and planning process using an easy to follow, step-by-step process. 


iAbacus lets you overlay data from multiple areas or individuals, making it easy to collaborate and compare strategies.

Rigorous and Evidence-Based

The iAbacus methodology starts with your intuitive judgements, providing a framework the helps you evidence, analyse and plan - all in one place.

Instant Reports and Plans

iAbacus lets you easily create reports and action plans which are clear, concise – perfect for sharing with your department and SLT.

Intuitive and Engaging

Abacus is interactive, engaging and a joy to use - no complicated dashboards. You will start using it immediately and instinctively.

Designed by School Leaders

iAbacus is based on a proven evaluation and strategic planning process developed during 20 years of working in schools - we know it works!

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Bett Awards Finalist

iAbacus® was shortlisted for a prestigious Bett Award in the category for ICT Leadership and Management Solutions. 

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Daniel O'Brien
Creator of iAbacus®

iAbacus® is a registered trademark of TDK Business Technologies Ltd

iAbacus® is an OPEUS product by TDK Business Technologies Ltd. We’ve been working with schools for over 20 years and have a range of innovative solutions used in over 1000 schools.

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For Heads of Department

If you like iAbacus and show it to your SLT, and the school decides to buy it for other heads of department, we’ll give you a thank you gift of a £25 to spend at amazon.com.

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More Information

How it works

Start with your initial judgements

Slide the beads to record your initial judgements about effectiveness in your department.

Check your judgements against relevant criteria, e.g. Ofsted, HGIOS, Estyn.

Check your judgements are accurate

Add evidence or notes to support your judgements and upload files containing more detail.

Add supporting evidence or notes

Diagnose what’s affecting performance by analysing the factors that help or hinder.

Carry out a simple diagnostic

Choose a helping or hindering factor, then describe what you plan to do about it. 

Plan actions strategically

Create clear and concise action plans and share them with others.

Create PDF reports and plans


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