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A beautifully simple yet powerful online tool for 
risk assessment, evaluation, planning and collaboration

Empower leadership at school level.

BenefitsHow it works

Compare improvement strategies across schools.


Gain operational insights at trust level.

Seamlessly link evaluation and planning.

Update on progress with built in reporting tools.

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Simple Yet Powerful

iAbacus gives you a high level view of overall performance, and allows you to drill down to see the evidence behind the judgements.

Operational Intelligence

iAbacus lets you overlay data for multiple schools and departments, making it easy to analyse and compare strategies across schools.

Proven Self-Evaluation Process

The iAbacus methodology provides a scaffold to easily yet rigorously assess performance, identify key risks and plan strategically.

Instant Reports and Plans

iAbacus automatically creates evaluation reports and action plans which are clear, concise – perfect for sharing with trustees.

Intuitive and Engaging

Abacus is interactive, engaging and a joy to use. People start using it immediately and instinctively.

Designed by School Leaders

iAbacus is based on a proven evaluation and strategic planning process developed during 20 years of working in schools.

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For Multi-Academy Trusts

Saves time and reduces workload by giving you the tools to quickly and easily assess performance and evidence across multiple schools.


Provides the rigour to support your analysis, as data from different sources can be pulled into iAbacus as evidence to back up judgements.

Allows you to overlay data for multiple schools or departments, to identify strengths and weaknesses.

Encourages collaboration within and across schools by allowing several users to edit and add to the same abacus.

Builds capacity for sustainable self-improvement by giving leaders a proven evaluation and improvement planning process.

Is completely scaleable, so you can add additional schools as your trust grows.


“iAbacus is efficient. It’s a single tool that we can use at school level with staff, with governors and with trustees. We don’t have hundreds of pieces of paper being passed around. We just use iAbacus.”

Case Study

Download a case study of iAbacus® being used across a thriving MAT.

Matt Freeston
CEO. Learners' Trust

Bett Awards Finalist

iAbacus® was shortlisted for a prestigious Bett Award in the category for ICT Leadership and Management Solutions. Watch the interview with John Pearce, iAbacus Creator at Bett as he describes the origin of iAbacus®.

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Two users in three academies.
Plus one MAT leader.


per year

Three users in six academies.
Plus three MAT leaders.


per year

Pricing is based on the number of users you require in each academy. 
See the example pricing below or contact us for a quote.

Example prices do not include VAT and are based on a three year contract

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Daniel O'Brien
Creator of iAbacus®

iAbacus® is a registered trademark of TDK Business Technologies Ltd

iAbacus® is an OPEUS product by TDK Business Technologies Ltd. We’ve been working with schools for over 20 years and have a range of innovative solutions used in over 1000 schools.

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