Empower your Middle Leaders

 Empower Middle Leaders with a unique, capacity-building process to help them self-evaluate, analyse effectiveness and plan actions to improve.

  • Subject Leaders

  • Curriculum Coordinators

  • Heads of Departments

  • Key Stage Co-ordinators

Everything explained in 5 minutes…

Watch the short video below to see how Middle Leaders are using iAbacus

Powerful Process. Simple Software.

  Interactive and engaging

iAbacus® is different. Other school systems are time-consuming and complicated – full of features which slow staff down and frustrate them.   iAbacus® is interactive, engaging and a joy to use.

 Stress-free collaboration

iAbacus® enables Middle Leaders to collaborate with colleagues and create shared evaluations and plans. This way – the whole team benefits.

  Instant access – no training required

iAbacus® is straightforward and intuitive. Middle Leaders start using it immediately and instinctively. If they need help – we’ll happily show them everything they need to know in just 10 minutes.

 Reports automatically created

iAbacus automatically creates clear and concise reports which combine self-evaluation and action planning. A common format which easily feeds into whole school evaluation and planning.