The Simplest Way to Create a Self-Evaluation and Action Plan

iAbacus® was created to help you evaluate and plan more effectively in order to improve performance, whether at individual or whole-school level.

We took the proven ABACUS model, developed by school leaders and used successfully in schools for over 20 years, and designed a beautifully simple self-evaluation and strategic planning tool.

iAbacus uses an intuitive, step-by-step process which quickly and clearly lets you measure where you are against criteria and identify what you need to do to improve.


School Improvement

Create your whole school self-evaluation and action plan using criteria from frameworks such as HGIOS.


Teacher Development

Provide your teachers with a tool for personal reflection and professional development planning.

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iAbacus is for Everyone

Improve any aspect of school effectiveness or personal performance

Whole school self-evaluation and planning

Senior leaders use iAbacus to assess performance against criteria (e.g. HGIOS) and turn this into their school action plan.

Departmental and subject reviews and planning

Middle leaders use the iAbacus proven methodology to evaluate their subject or department accurately and confidently.

Individual appraisal and professional development

Teachers and TAs using iAbacus are encouraged to take ownership of their appraisal and professional development.

What Makes iAbacus Unique

Simple Yet Powerful

iAbacus cuts through the clutter and helps you quickly identify what’s needed to drive improvement.

Designed by School Leaders

iAbacus is based on a proven evaluation and strategic planning process developed during 20 years of working in schools.

Collaboration Made Easy

iAbacus provides leaders and managers with valuable insights into effectiveness across groups of users. Trusts also use it to analyse performance across schools.

Intuitive and Engaging

iAbacus is interactive, engaging and a joy to use. People start using it immediately and instinctively. 

Proven Self-Evaluation Process

iAbacus isn’t just another electronic filing cabinet. It guides you through a process to evaluate impact, analyse effectiveness and plan strategic actions to improve.

Instant Reports and Plans

iAbacus automatically creates evaluation reports and action plans which are clear, concise – perfect for sharing with others.

Benefits of Using iAbacus


Saves time and reduces workload by giving you tools to quickly and easily assess, plan and report on evidence and impact.


Develops middle leaders’ skills in evaluation and planning through a structured, effective methodology.


Improves the appraisal process by enabling a ‘done with’ rather than ‘done to’ approach.


Intuitively links school self-evaluation and the school improvement plan through one seamless process.


Encourages collaboration within and across departments with the ability to overlay multiple, individual plans.


Produces clear, concise reports and action plans to share with others, at the touch of a button.


Interactive and Engaging

Watch the short video clips to see why leaders and teachers love iAbacus.

Quick access to criteria

We help you make accurate judgements by providing quick access to relevant criteria (e.g. HGIOS). There’s no searching through lengthy documents to find the guidance you need – it’ll always be there when you need it.

Adding any sort of evidence is easy

Adding evidence to support self-evaluation judgements is easy. You can enter a short text summary and provide further detail with file attachments or web-links.

Detailed diagnostics made simple

iAbacus provides you with a simple way to diagnose what’s affecting peformance. All you do is analyse the factors that are either helping or hindering, then prioritise those that are making the biggest impact.

Straightforward strategic planning

iAbacus makes strategic action planning extremely straightforward. Simply choose a factor to tackle, then plan what you need to do, who’s involved, how you’ll know your successful and set a deadline.

Clear reports and action plans

iAbacus automatically creates clear and concise evaluation reports and and strategic action plans. In seconds you’ll have a PDF document that you’ll be confident to share with others.

Collaborate with colleagues

iAbacus provides the perfect platform for collaborative evaluations, joint action plans – or 360° reviews. Simply share your abacus with colleagues so they can add their own content.

Insights and Operational Intelligence

Analyse multiple abacuses for instant insights into performance across a groups of schools, departments or individual teachers.

Analyse Performance in Seconds

iAbacus enables you to combine and compare multiple abacuses in a matter of seconds. No other system gives instant access to such a unique form of operational intelligence.

How much does iAbacus® cost?

Individual Schools

Choose a package based on the number of users you require for your school. If you’re ordering for a group of schools – please contact us.

1 User – £100
5 Users – £295
10 Users – £395
15 Users – £495
20 Users – £595
25 Users – £695

Need more than 25 users? They’re just £25 each.

Prices are for 12 months usage and VAT will be added.

10 or 20% Discount  

Most schools use iAbacus® for year on year self-evaluation and action planning – so why not purchase it for 2 or 3 years in advance and benefit from a 10 or 20% discount. (Available on the order form.)

Group Discounts  

Groups of schools can purchase iAbacus® together to receive a group discount. For more information – please contact us.

Absolutely everything is included

On-boarding Service

We’ll roll our sleeves up and help you deploy iAbacus across your school. We’ll create bespoke templates, handouts for staff – anything you need.

Unrestricted Usage

Your staff will have full, unrestricted use of iAbacus. They can use it to create evaluations and action plans for any aspect of their work.

Access to ALL templates

You’ll have access to our growing library of iAbacus® templates. These cover almost every aspect of school effectiveness or personal performance.

One-to-one webinars

Every one of your users can request a one-to-one webinar with an iAbacus® expert. These sessions are highly motivational and reassuring for staff.

Bespoke Customisation

We’ll customise iAbacus® to suit your school’s requirements. Just let us know what you want to achieve and we’ll show you how it can be done.

Immediate Live Help

Your staff can contact us at anytime by email, phone or live chat. We don’t rely on forums and ticket systems – just pick up the phone and call us.

Local Authority or Group of Schools?

Purchase iAbacus for a group of schools at a discounted prices and unlock the true potential of iAbacus through the collaboration features. These extra features enable group leaders and executives to combine and compare multiple abaci from a number of schools. Watch this short video to see iAbacus in action.

“The unique selling point about iAbacus is that staff use it!”
testimonial-thumb-beatrice2Alan Black
“The most straightforward tool I have come across in the last 10 years!”
Mike Serridge
“As a result of using it at SLT level we decided to roll this out to all staff….”
Lisa Sarikaya

About Us

iAbacus Scotland is a product by TDK Business Technologies Ltd. We’ve been working with schools for over 20 years and have a range of innovative solutions used in over 1000 schools.

Partners in Scotland

We’re keen to extend our network of partners in Scotland. If you’re interested in working with us – please contact Daniel O’Brien on 0115 942 8914 or email dan@iabacus.co.uk

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