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Quick access to criteria

We help you make accurate judgements by providing quick access to relevant HGIOS4? or GTC criteria. There’s no searching through lengthy documents to find the guidance you need – it’ll always be there when you need it.

Adding any sort of evidence is easy

Adding evidence to support self-evaluation judgements is easy. You can enter a short text summary and provide further detail with file attachments or web-links.

Detailed diagnostics made simple

iAbacus provides you with a simple way to diagnose what’s affecting peformance. All you do is analyse the factors that are either helping or hindering, then prioritise those that are making the biggest impact.

Straightforwad strategic planning

iAbacus makes strategic action planning extremely straightforward. Simply choose a factor to tackle, then plan what you need to do, who’s involved, how you’ll know your successful and set a deadline.

Clear reports and action plans

iAbacus automatically creates clear and concise evaluation reports and and strategic action plans. In seconds you’ll have a PDF document that you’ll be confident to share with others.

Collaborate with colleagues

iAbacus provides the perfect platform for collaborative evaluations, joint action plans – or 360° reviews. Simply share your abacus with colleagues so they can add their own content.