An Easier Way to Use The New Framework for Improving School Empowerment Through Self-Evaluation

Are you preparing how your local authority will respond to Education Scotland’s recently released framework for ‘Improving School Empowerment Through Self-Evaluation’?

As with HGIOS?4 this framework sits perfectly within iAbacus®, one of the simplest, most effective tools for self-evaluation and strategic action planning.

The combination of this powerful framework and our unique tool enables you to:

  • Create a local authority self-evaluation and action plan using the new framework.
  • Quickly and easily update your strategy throughout the year.
  • Collaborate with colleagues by giving them a tool that guides them through the process.

Daniel O’Brien, creator of iAbacus® is available to answer any questions you have. To schedule a one-on-one webinar with him – please visit www.iabacus.co.uk/webinar