SMSC Self-Review and Action Plan

The quickest, simplest, and most effective way to review your school’s SMSC provision and plan actions to improve.

Everything in 5 minutes

Discover how you can make the most of your school’s strengths in SMSC and present evidence of ‘outstanding’ provision.

Learn new ways to identify areas for development and plan SMSC strategies which demonstrate your school’s capacity to improve.

Visual overview

Create a visual overview of the effectiveness of SMSC provision by sliding beads onto your abacus. 

Highlight Impact

Select evidence which proves the impact of your SMSC provision and justifies your judgements. 

Highlight Impact

Show strategic thinking by analysing factors that help or hinder SMSC provision. 

Highlight Impact

Demonstrate your capacity to improve by planning actions to develop SMSC provision.

  Interactive and engaging

iAbacus® is different. Other school systems are time-consuming and complicated – full of features which slow staff down and frustrate them.   iAbacus® is interactive, engaging and a joy to use.

  Instant access – no training required

iAbacus® is straightforward and intuitive. Middle Leaders start using it immediately and instinctively. If they need help – we’ll happily show them everything they need to know in just 10 minutes.

 Reports automatically created

iAbacus automatically creates clear and concise reports which combine self-evaluation and action planning. A common format which easily feeds into whole school evaluation and planning.


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