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A school teacher using iAbacus for reflection and professional development planning.

Teacher Growth Plans

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Beatrice Tate School
A. Black – Headteacher

The most straightforward and simple tool I have come across in the last 10 years!

Harrow Way Community School
M. Serridge – Headteacher

iAbacus takes complexity and immerses it in simplicity!

When staff lead the appraisal process it has great impact on staff learning and morale!

Grimoldby Primary School
S. Spendlow – Deputy Headteacher

Robin Hood Primary School
A. Sharpe – Headteacher

Teacher Appraisal and Performance Management

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Effective Teacher Growth Plans

 Teacher Growth Plans. Simplified.

Empower Teachers to Plan their Professional Growth with this Unique Online Tool

This unique tool helps teachers write their Teacher Growth Plans in the most effective way possible. It guides teachers seamlessly through reflection, self-evaluation - and detailed action planning.

Unlike many tools which burden teachers with a focus on evidence collection - our approach builds capacity and supports professionalism by empowering teachers to think strategically about their professional growth.

Streamlined Reflection and Self-Evaluation

Strategic Professional Development Planning

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Looking for a Teacher Growth Plan Template or Example?

To save valuable time and reduce workload our tool comes preloaded with a range of Teacher Growth Plan templates and examples.

If you can't find a template or example to suit your needs we'll work with you to create one that works with your school policy or professional standards.

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