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The quickest, simplest and most effective way to create your school self-evaluation and action plan

Everything explained in a 5 minute video…

This video shows iAbacus being used to create a whole-school self-evaluation and action plan using Ofsted criteria. Please note, iAbacus can be customised with your own criteria – or pre-loaded with other frameworks, e.g. Eti, Estyn, ISI, HGIOS.

Scroll down through the process…

Where are you now?

Slide the beads to record your initial judgements about effectiveness in each area.

Are you sure?

Check the accuracy of your judgements by re-sliding the beads to review the criteria.

Where’s your evidence?

Justify your judgements by providing evidence and including file attachments or weblinks.

What’s helping / hindering?

Analyse the factors that are helping or hindering effectiveness.

What’s your plan?

Plan actions to strengthen the helping factors and and weaken the hindering.

Need to share your plan?

Automatically produce clear and concise reports and plans to share with others.

Want to collaborate?

Invite others to add their beads for a simple 360° approach to collaboration

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